What I Got For Christmas 

What I Got For Christmas 

Hi guys, first off I hope you all had a lovely enjoyable Christmas, and that you ate and drinks loads! I took a wee break over Christmas to spend time with family and friends and also my boyfriend, who sadly lost his granny Christmas Eve. But I’m back today sharing all I got for Christmas. 
So starting off with my boyfriend, who truly spoiled me! He got me a gorgeous pandora charm, the Keilidh palette from Ingot, a book, a kitten calendar, Beyoncé pulse perfume, and also booked us a little holiday to Amsterdam for the 16th til the 19th of January. I’m over the moon. 

My mother got me the dress I was eyeing up in New Look, it’s gorgeous and definitely suited to New Years Eve, and she got me a Penneys voucher plus a gluten/dairy free selection box. 

My brother bought me a lamp for me for doing my nails, it’s one of those ones that attach to the table and shine directly onto the table, and he got me Beyoncé heat perfume.

Then it’s onto my sisters. My youngest sister got me a pack of chokers and two mindful mediation colouring books with a pack of markers. My other sister got me a new night gown and a voucher for River Island. 

And finally my boyfriends Mam got me a wee makeup set and booked a night away for me and my boyfriend in Castleleslie in Monaghan, which I also can’t wait for. 

So that’s all I got for Christmas, totally spoilt! So how many of you girls got the Keilidh palette too? Pretty sure everyone’s gonna be walking around for the next few weeks with major pink eye! Let me know what you got for Christmas. 

Hope you enjoyed and thanks for reading! 

Catherine xo 


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