Biofresh Skincare : My Skin Journey So Far

Biofresh Skincare : My Skin Journey So Far

Hi guys and welcome back!

Today I’m giving a little shoutout I guess and spreading the word about Biofresh Skincare. I was introduced to this company a few months ago, I like so many out there had struggled with my skin for years, no matter what big brands I used, medication I tried nothing worked! I was envious of all my friends who had beautiful clear skin. Eventually I heard about Biofresh, I couldn’t help but think it would just be another brand that wouldn’t work. I decided to take the plunge and ring their Drogheda store, were I got talking to the boss lady herself, Catherine, she’s just the loveliest person to talk to and I honestly felt as though she cared about my skin and wanted me to see results. She took the time to explain the skincare that I would need to use and how I’d use it, while also explaining that makeup can cause reactions on the skin, like acne. I decided to give the products a go and purchased the Rose Water Spray, The Cleansing Milk, The Probiotic Moisturiser and the Acne Out Active Lotion

I received the products the following day with a free gift, the Purifying Face Exfoliant. After a few weeks the difference I noticed in my skin was unbelievable. My skin felt so soft, my spots were starting to heal and my skin looked so much happier. I decided to book myself in for the Deep Cleanse Acne Facial just before Christmas and I couldn’t believe how clean and clear my whole face looked. I’m already excited about another facial. 

My Skincare Routine

I adore the products from Biofresh that I use and what’s more is how lovely all the girls are, particularly in Drogheda, so helpful. The difference between Biofresh Skincare and other brands is that their products are made with natural ingredients that won’t cause skin irritation. My advice for anyone suffering with their skin is to visit either of their stores, Drogheda or Swords, or you can ring either stores up and get advice over the phone like I did or visit their website,

I will keep you guys updated on my skincare journey over the next while, I know this time I’ll get the results I’ve been dreaming of! 

Catherine xox 


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