My Ways Of Dealing With Anxiety

My Ways Of Dealing With Anxiety

Welcome back guys. Today I’m talking about coping with Anxiety especially on those days that you simply can’t seem to shift that horrid anxious feeling! Over the last 13 months I’ve learned a few ways of dealing with anxiety that work really well for me, so here they are. 

  • Colouring 

I’m sure you’ve all seen mindful, relaxing colouring books in shops before and they work wonders. I got a few of these for Christmas and I can’t believe the benefits from them. They totally distract my mind and chill me out. It’s now my favourite thing to do in the evening before bed. 

  • Music 

I find putting in my headphones and listening to my favourite tunes helps me loads. Again it distracts my mind. At night I now listen to thunder storms or just plain rainfall and I find I sleep so much quicker. 

  • Books

Reading is brilliant for everything but especially relaxing the mind. I hadn’t read a book in ages until I got one at Christmas and surprised myself by having it read in two days. 

  • Makeup

So this might not work for everyone but if I’m feeling anxious I’ll throw myself into my makeup. I can spend anything from 30 minutes to 2 hours on my makeup and I seriously find it an amazing distraction. 

  • Exercise 

I remember a few months back I was feeling really crappy in myself, I decided to head out onto my trampoline for about an hour,I honestly felt like a new woman coming back in. I was really relaxed and just felt great in myself. 

  • Get Out And About

Whether it be a few hours over at my boyfriends, shopping with my mother or a quick visit to my friends I really find it recharges me. It’s always good to get out of the house anyway and gives you something to look forward too. 


So there’s all my ways of dealing with Anxiety. I hope it helps some of you on your bad days and if you’ve anymore ways that you find work please share with us!

Have a lovely evening, 

Catherine xox 


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