FIRST IMPRESSION/REVIEW : Bellápierre Cosmetics BB Cream

FIRST IMPRESSION/REVIEW : Bellápierre Cosmetics BB Cream

Happy Friday everyone! 

Today I’m reviewing a product I’m so excited for, Bellápierre Cosmetics BB Cream. I purchased this for €35.00 from Biofresh Skincare, which you can do by clicking HERE, alternatively you can drop into either of their stores or purchase over the phone. Biofresh are the Irish distributors of the Bellápierre range, which are a US brand. 

So what makes Bellápierre special you say? Well this makeup range offers products that are full of natural ingredients that not only cover imperfections but also help to heal the skin without causing the pores to become clogged which leads to more breakouts. 

Beauty Balm (BB) is a combination of advanced skincare and full skin coverage. 

It combines 4 products in 1 – concealer, foundation, SPF 15, moisturiser – 

Oil free formula. Made with minerals, naturally covers imperfections. Controls oils and shine.

As you may know I’ve been struggling with my skin for quite some time, I made the move to using the probiotic skincare range from Biofresh along side their acne out lotion, which I noticed a big improvement but unfortunately I soon realised that using my normal much loved makeup was just keeping my problem alive. 

So this BB cream comes in five shades – fair, light, medium, dark, deep – I’ve purchased in light for when I’m not fake tanned. My first impression from the packaging was that it was nicely packaged in a handy black squeeze tube, making it easy to dispense product. I also love that you get 40ml of product whereas normally with foundations you’d only get 30/35ml. 


After cleansing my face and priming using the Couleur Caramel Mattifying primer I went ahead and started to dab the BB cream on my face. I was quite surprised at how thick it was, I started to blend it out with my flat top makeup brush which was so easy, it blended out effortlessly and seemed to melt onto my skin. I did have to build up the coverage on my cheeks were I have the most breakouts. The colour matched me fairly well, I will probably get the lighter shade and try it next to see if it’s a perfect match. I set my face using the Bellápierre mineral foundation. My skin wasn’t flawless, a lot of my breakouts were showing a little bit more than I’d like but I guess using extra concealer would help cover them up. 

Before & After


I applied this BB cream at 2pm and wore it until 11.30pm. Firstly it applied like a dream, I literally had it applied in a few minutes whereas other normal foundations would take me longer to blend out. Super easy! It looks so natural on the skin, almost like my skin but better. My skin had an all over natural glow plus I didn’t even feel like I was wearing anything on my skin. The BB cream lasted really well too, it only faded around my mouth from eating and drinking. I did have to repowder my tzone twice as the day went on but that’s nothing abnormal for me. Overall I LOVE this product, the fact that it not only looks amazing on the skin but is good for the skin. The only thing I was slightly disappointed with was that I thought it would be more full coverage considering it says its ideal for acne or troublesome skin. However I still give it a 4/5, just purchase a concealer with it for extra coverage! Definitely going to be a big hit with me over the summer!


Have you tried Bellápierres BB cream? Do you love it? If you found this review helpful then please give it a like and make sure to follow my blog to keep up to date with new posts! Thanks for reading.

Catherine xox


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