FIRST IMPRESSION/REVIEW : Bellápierre Cosmetics BB Cream

FIRST IMPRESSION/REVIEW : Bellápierre Cosmetics BB Cream

Happy Friday everyone! 

Today I’m reviewing a product I’m so excited for, Bellápierre Cosmetics BB Cream. I purchased this for €35.00 from Biofresh Skincare, which you can do by clicking HERE, alternatively you can drop into either of their stores or purchase over the phone. Biofresh are the Irish distributors of the Bellápierre range, which are a US brand. 

So what makes Bellápierre special you say? Well this makeup range offers products that are full of natural ingredients that not only cover imperfections but also help to heal the skin without causing the pores to become clogged which leads to more breakouts. 

Beauty Balm (BB) is a combination of advanced skincare and full skin coverage. 

It combines 4 products in 1 – concealer, foundation, SPF 15, moisturiser – 

Oil free formula. Made with minerals, naturally covers imperfections. Controls oils and shine.

As you may know I’ve been struggling with my skin for quite some time, I made the move to using the probiotic skincare range from Biofresh along side their acne out lotion, which I noticed a big improvement but unfortunately I soon realised that using my normal much loved makeup was just keeping my problem alive. 

So this BB cream comes in five shades – fair, light, medium, dark, deep – I’ve purchased in light for when I’m not fake tanned. My first impression from the packaging was that it was nicely packaged in a handy black squeeze tube, making it easy to dispense product. I also love that you get 40ml of product whereas normally with foundations you’d only get 30/35ml. 


After cleansing my face and priming using the Couleur Caramel Mattifying primer I went ahead and started to dab the BB cream on my face. I was quite surprised at how thick it was, I started to blend it out with my flat top makeup brush which was so easy, it blended out effortlessly and seemed to melt onto my skin. I did have to build up the coverage on my cheeks were I have the most breakouts. The colour matched me fairly well, I will probably get the lighter shade and try it next to see if it’s a perfect match. I set my face using the Bellápierre mineral foundation. My skin wasn’t flawless, a lot of my breakouts were showing a little bit more than I’d like but I guess using extra concealer would help cover them up. 

Before & After


I applied this BB cream at 2pm and wore it until 11.30pm. Firstly it applied like a dream, I literally had it applied in a few minutes whereas other normal foundations would take me longer to blend out. Super easy! It looks so natural on the skin, almost like my skin but better. My skin had an all over natural glow plus I didn’t even feel like I was wearing anything on my skin. The BB cream lasted really well too, it only faded around my mouth from eating and drinking. I did have to repowder my tzone twice as the day went on but that’s nothing abnormal for me. Overall I LOVE this product, the fact that it not only looks amazing on the skin but is good for the skin. The only thing I was slightly disappointed with was that I thought it would be more full coverage considering it says its ideal for acne or troublesome skin. However I still give it a 4/5, just purchase a concealer with it for extra coverage! Definitely going to be a big hit with me over the summer!


Have you tried Bellápierres BB cream? Do you love it? If you found this review helpful then please give it a like and make sure to follow my blog to keep up to date with new posts! Thanks for reading.

Catherine xox



Hi guys, hope you’re all very well! Sorry for the lack of posts lately, but I’m hoping to be back now properly. So I’m kicking off with my Amsterdam blog. As you may know if you follow me on Twitter, @tblushingblonde, I was in Amsterdam for 3 days from the 16th – 19th of January, as part of my Christmas present. So I thought I would do a little blog post about all I got up to and what’s there to see and do in the Dam. 
So first off we stayed in a hotel called Hotel Allure. It’s roughly 20/25 minute walk from the city centre. The hotel has a Metro station just across from it and the train stops right outside too. Staff here are lovely. Although this hotel isn’t located directly in the city, there are pubs about 10 minutes of walking distance away and a supermarket slightly further away. 

Tourist Attractions / Places To Visit

Red Light District : you might as well go see it while you’re there. We kind of stumbled across it accidentally but I’m glad we seen it. I have to admit I did get a few laughs out of seeing the guys drool over the girls. 

Red Light District

Canal Cruises : this is a pretty romantic thing to do. We got on a cabal boat cruise while visiting the Red Light District, it was €15 each and all drink on board was free. Plus the staff on the boat were so lovely, giving us loads of tips about the city. 

Inside View Of The Boat

Ice Bar : ok I wasn’t completely blown away by this but if you have the spare cash why not? It’s €25 each and it includes 3 free drinks – 2 while in the ice bar and 1 in the normal bar – 

Ice Bar

IAmsterdam Sign : we visited this sign to get a picture. While we were there they’re was an ice skating ring right beside it. Definitely stop by here and get a picture. 

Greenhouse Coffee Shop : we stopped by here as it’s the stop all the celebs visit to have a drink/coffee and a smoke while in the Dam. Unfortunately we left our passports back in our hotel rooms so we had no proof of ID therefore the guy won’t let us in. Definitely bring ID if you wanna stop here. 

Coffee Shops : don’t be fooled, coffee shops in Amsterdam are places for people to smoke. If you’re after a normal coffee then stick to cafes. But while you’re in the Dam you might as well. 

Wonder Bar One : definitely visit this bar it’s aaamazing! It’s got really cool places to literally lie down and have a drink, plus there’s a cool downstairs to it aswell. Drinks are reasonably priced here too. 


If you’re visiting Amsterdam my biggest tips are, 

  • Don’t shop in any souvenir or small shops that DONT display their prices, as we found we were priced ridiculous prices in these shops.
  • If you’re not into smoking weed then stick to Cafes as many coffee shops won’t serve you drinks unless you buy weed from them. 

So that’s it. We had a blast in Amsterdam, it’s a gorgeous place to visit. Let me know if you’ve been and what you think of it or if you’re heading there! 

Thanks for reading, 

Catherine xox 

REVIEW/FIRST IMPRESSION : Couleur Caramel Hydracoton Foundation 

REVIEW/FIRST IMPRESSION : Couleur Caramel Hydracoton Foundation 

Hi guys, today I’m reviewing an organic/natural foundation for you all, this one comes from the Couleur Caramel range, it’s their Hydracoton Foundation. I got two samples of this foundation to try out from Dun Laoghaire Pharmacy in Dublin/ online HERE or you can purchase online from, it retails for around €34.00. Couleur Caramel are a natural, organic makeup brand that are now available in Ireland.

Couleur Caramel Organic Hydracoton Foundation, with its powder finish, offers unbelievable comfort and long-lasting hold. Its lightweight texture transforms upon application to smooth the skin’s texture and deliver a velvety powder finish.

So I received two shades, No.11 (lightest shade) No.12 ( second lightest shade). To start the fragrance of the products reminded me of card broad, I’m not into heavily scented cosmetic products so this really didn’t bother me and once applied I couldn’t smell the product at all. So I primed my face using the Velvet Smoothing Mattifying Primer also from Couleur Caramel, I also went in with a little concealer on any major breakouts to help cover them up. I used an angled foundation brush to begin applying the foundation, which turned out awful – the product wouldn’t stick to some parts of my face and was quite patchy in parts – I also noticed that the shade I used, No.11 had oxidised on my face, turning from a perfect pale colour match to a shade darker with ALOT of red undertones to it. I had to removed all the product and go again, this time using the No.12 shade and my Miracle Complexion Sponge from Real Techniques. It definitely applied much better and a lot less patchy, but some areas still looked bad. The coverage is definitely  light/medium as I struggled to hide my blemishes, no matter how much I tried to build up. However areas where my skin had no blemishes it looked quite pretty almost like my skin but better. 

Main Active Ingredients 

Cottonseed oil (Gossypium herbaceum): softens and restore tone.

Organic Shea Butter (Butyrospermum parkii): moisterise, revitalise and regenerate the skin.

Organic Camelina oil (Camelina Sativa): softerns and nourishes, recommended for very dry skin.

Organic Sesame oil (Sesamum Indicum): softens, protect and regenerate the skin.

I applied this foundation at 2pm and wore it til 12pm that night. I didn’t need to re powder my face, as I’ve an oily t-zone that was a surprise. It did fade a lot around my mouth from eating and drinking and on the sides of my face. I think that I would like this foundation when my blemishes all clear up *im working on it* especially during the summer as a kind of BB cream. It’s definitely not the type of foundation I’d wear until my skin clears as the coverage is very light. 

Before & After

I’d give this a 2.5 out of 5. Have you tried this foundation out, what’s your thoughts on it? Share your favourite natural/organic foundations below. 

Thanks for reading, 

Catherine xox 

My Ways Of Dealing With Anxiety

My Ways Of Dealing With Anxiety

Welcome back guys. Today I’m talking about coping with Anxiety especially on those days that you simply can’t seem to shift that horrid anxious feeling! Over the last 13 months I’ve learned a few ways of dealing with anxiety that work really well for me, so here they are. 

  • Colouring 

I’m sure you’ve all seen mindful, relaxing colouring books in shops before and they work wonders. I got a few of these for Christmas and I can’t believe the benefits from them. They totally distract my mind and chill me out. It’s now my favourite thing to do in the evening before bed. 

  • Music 

I find putting in my headphones and listening to my favourite tunes helps me loads. Again it distracts my mind. At night I now listen to thunder storms or just plain rainfall and I find I sleep so much quicker. 

  • Books

Reading is brilliant for everything but especially relaxing the mind. I hadn’t read a book in ages until I got one at Christmas and surprised myself by having it read in two days. 

  • Makeup

So this might not work for everyone but if I’m feeling anxious I’ll throw myself into my makeup. I can spend anything from 30 minutes to 2 hours on my makeup and I seriously find it an amazing distraction. 

  • Exercise 

I remember a few months back I was feeling really crappy in myself, I decided to head out onto my trampoline for about an hour,I honestly felt like a new woman coming back in. I was really relaxed and just felt great in myself. 

  • Get Out And About

Whether it be a few hours over at my boyfriends, shopping with my mother or a quick visit to my friends I really find it recharges me. It’s always good to get out of the house anyway and gives you something to look forward too. 


So there’s all my ways of dealing with Anxiety. I hope it helps some of you on your bad days and if you’ve anymore ways that you find work please share with us!

Have a lovely evening, 

Catherine xox 

Biofresh Skincare : My Skin Journey So Far

Biofresh Skincare : My Skin Journey So Far

Hi guys and welcome back!

Today I’m giving a little shoutout I guess and spreading the word about Biofresh Skincare. I was introduced to this company a few months ago, I like so many out there had struggled with my skin for years, no matter what big brands I used, medication I tried nothing worked! I was envious of all my friends who had beautiful clear skin. Eventually I heard about Biofresh, I couldn’t help but think it would just be another brand that wouldn’t work. I decided to take the plunge and ring their Drogheda store, were I got talking to the boss lady herself, Catherine, she’s just the loveliest person to talk to and I honestly felt as though she cared about my skin and wanted me to see results. She took the time to explain the skincare that I would need to use and how I’d use it, while also explaining that makeup can cause reactions on the skin, like acne. I decided to give the products a go and purchased the Rose Water Spray, The Cleansing Milk, The Probiotic Moisturiser and the Acne Out Active Lotion

I received the products the following day with a free gift, the Purifying Face Exfoliant. After a few weeks the difference I noticed in my skin was unbelievable. My skin felt so soft, my spots were starting to heal and my skin looked so much happier. I decided to book myself in for the Deep Cleanse Acne Facial just before Christmas and I couldn’t believe how clean and clear my whole face looked. I’m already excited about another facial. 

My Skincare Routine

I adore the products from Biofresh that I use and what’s more is how lovely all the girls are, particularly in Drogheda, so helpful. The difference between Biofresh Skincare and other brands is that their products are made with natural ingredients that won’t cause skin irritation. My advice for anyone suffering with their skin is to visit either of their stores, Drogheda or Swords, or you can ring either stores up and get advice over the phone like I did or visit their website,

I will keep you guys updated on my skincare journey over the next while, I know this time I’ll get the results I’ve been dreaming of! 

Catherine xox 

GRWM : New Years Eve

GRWM : New Years Eve

Happy new year lovelies! I hope 2017 is filled with happiness for you all. 

So I’m kick starting the new year with a get ready with me post, New Year’s Eve was the only night over the Christmas period were I actually dressed up and went out so I made sure I put serious effort into it, so I thought you guys might like to see and read how I get ready for a night out. Now bare in mind getting ready to go out is by far  my favourite part of a night out yano, spending hours on hair and makeup and making sure I’m glowing to the heavens, so don’t judge the hours it takes me! Plus I’m sure I’m not the only girl that takes 3 or more hours to get ready right? 
I applied my Tan Organic tanning oil the night before. So when I got up New Year’s Eve (morning) I just jumped in the shower to wash off the tan smell, excess tan and to shave wherever needs to be shaved! Then covering myself in body lotion to keep my skin hydrated and tan looking perfect. I also gave my face a deep cleanse by exfoliating my skin. 


Moving onto hair, I dried my hair using my Tresemme heated brush, once dry I applied curl definition serum from Aussie and put some of my big heated rollers in the top section of my hair where I wanted volume. I started on my makeup, once my makeup was complete I removed the rollers and quickly straightened the ends of my hair with my ghd’s then went in with my curling wand from Babyliss to give a loose curl, finishing with some back combing and hairspray. 


I primed my skin using the redness control primer from Catrice. Then I went onto brows, I used the ABH dipbrow in taupe to fill in and thicken my brows, cleaning up around my brows using a shade from the Sleek Contour Palette. For foundation I mixed together the Inglot HD in 76 and the Estée Lauder Double Wear in Tawney. I primed my eyelids with the Essence eyeshadow base and concealed under my eyes and the centre of my face using the Catrice camouflage liquid concealer. I then took the Vichy Dermablend in shade tan and used this to cream contour, applying it under my cheekbones, forehead and sides of my nose. I set under my eyes with baby powder, and used it to bake, I set the rest of my face with a pressed powder from Essence. To further contour I used the NYX contour palette and mixed together the two middle shades, applying it to my forehead, cheekbones and jawline. For blush I used a shade from the Morphe Brushes 9B palette. Highlight I used the Catrice high glow hightlighter, and set my entire face with the L’Oreal Infallible fixing mist. 


On my eyes I used the entire Keilidh Pro Palette. Starting off with the first peachy shade and blending it with a fluffy brush onto and above my crease. Then I used the second pink shade to further deepen the crease and above the crease. Then I took the lighter purple shade and starting applying this to the outer half of my eye and up into the crease. Constantly going back in with my fluffy brush to ensure no harsh lines. Then with a smaller brush I went in with the darker purple and applied this on the outer corner,I took the black and carefully placed it along my lash line and the very outer corner of my eye. I repeated these steps under my eye to achieve a gradient effect. I applied mascara and white liner in my water line and used the PS individual lashes. On my inner corners of my eye I took my fixing mist by L’Oreal and sprayed it onto a Q-tip and used the Q-tip to apply the Catrice highlighter. 


For lips I used my Catrice lip liner -think the name is rubbed off but it’s a nudy pink – and the Catrice nudetastic lipstick. I used the baby powder to set my lip products making them matte. 

Before & After


To finish off my skin and give me an overall glow I used the Golden Goddess dry shimmer oil from Cocoa Brown
And that is the finished look! I was really happy with how my eyes turned out even though my iPhone refused to take a nice picture. If you guys enjoyed this post please hit the like and follow button, it’d mean so much. 

Finished Look – dress is from Belle Amour in Navan €30 –

Thanks for stopping by, 

Catherine xox 

Mental Health Awareness Week : My Story

Mental Health Awareness Week : My Story

Hi everyone! As it is Mental Health Awareness Week, I decided to share my own personal story with you all, in the hope that it may help even just one more person talk about their struggles with family or even seek help! I feel that mental health isn’t spoke about enough and that a lot of people don’t understand what someone with depression or anxiety goes through… so here’s my story…

Over the years I would never of been an anxious or worried person, I got on with life with a ‘everything will work out’ attitude! In early 2015, I was complaining of feeling sick, dizzy and tired, I visited my doctor who said I looked fine and that nothing appeared to be wrong, after a visit to my dentist she discovered I had a bad tooth infection which was causing my symptoms. I took two separate courses of antibiotics to get rid of the infection, finally my sick feeling and constant dizziness were gone. Then I started getting extremely bad headaches, they started off by about 5 in the afternoon and soon progressed so starting at 1 in the afternoon, after googling my symptoms I was pretty worried. Another visit to my doctor led to more antibiotics, this time for a sinus infection. What I didn’t know was how crap antibiotics left people feeling as if never had to take any before. 
The next few weeks I felt sick every time I ate, tired all the time, had no energy to even get up off the chair, came out in the worst acne ever and was in a complete state of worry all the time thinking I was seriously ill! Eventually it was said to me that I might of been lacking something and that I should see a woman in Carrickmacross that would be able to tell me. I made the appointment and headed to see her. She was able to tell me that I was gluten and dairy intolerant, very low in magnesium and that my sinus infection wasn’t completely cleared up. So I took the supplements she gave me and cut gluten and dairy out of my diet…. finally I was feeling better. I returned to work, I was waitressing in a hotel at the time. I wasn’t particularly happy in my job anyway, but I had always gotten on with it. This time though something was different. I felt as though I was floating when I went into work for the first few hours and was very shaky which I’d never been before, not good when you are carrying trays of glasses or delicate cups! I made the decision to leave my job and take time out. 
It was shortly after that, that things moved up a knotch. At night I’d just be in bed so tired and wanting to sleep, when I would feel as though someone was sitting on my chest and as though at any second I’d take my last breath. I jumped out of bed in such a panic night after night, many times at 4 in the morning I’d be sitting on my couch in my kitchen crying down the phone to my boyfriend as I couldn’t catch my breath! My biggest fear was dying on my own while everyone in the house was asleep. God love him he would stay up on the phone with me for hours talking to calm me down. Unfortunately for me, it wasn’t just at night it would happen, I could be having my dinner at the kitchen table when my chest would just knot up or popping onto the shop to get something, I’d freeze and that dreaded anxious sick feeling would just be so overwhelming! It got to a stage where I just wouldn’t leave the house at all. I went back to my doctor and she sent me to A&E as she thought I might have a clot in my lung, thankfully all the tests came back clear. I was sent home but my symptoms continued. Eventually I went back to my doctors explaining the way I was, that was when she told me it sounded as though I was having panic attacks and anxiety. 
I cried in the doctors telling her how sick I was of feeling constantly like something was going to happen me, everyday was a battle from morning til night, trying to get to sleep and I was fed up! At 21 I wanted to celebrate my big birthday and enjoy my first summer with no work in 4 years. To be honest I could never see me been back to normal and been able to enjoy and do the things I always did without worrying! It’s crazy how the littlest things became such a big deal for me. 
I got an appointment with a woman called Rosario Nolan in Navan, that specialised in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. She is amazing at what she does. She went through with me the symptoms I get from an anxiety attack and why I do feel the symptoms I do and how to deal with them. I basically worry a lot about my health which causes a lot of my anxiety to happen, along with worrying about been in crowd and not been able to get out in time. I was with Rosario for about 3 months in which time I felt so much better. I had gotten my hair done in a hairdressers which I hadn’t been able to bring myself to do and had also been out shopping in a shopping centre which I also put off doing cause of the crowds. I felt proud of myself and soon realised that I was in control of my anxiety and was no longer going to let it stop me from doing what I wanted to do. 
That was a whole year ago, I am definitely dealing with my anxiety so much better now, yes at times it can get the better of me and it’s still something I have to deal with but I’m a lot stronger towards it now! This year I’ve done things that to even dream of last year would of frightened the hell out of me, I went to Canada  which was my biggest achievement, an 8 hour flight without taking any medication, I seen Rihanna in the Aviva which I was slightly nervous about the crowd but I did it, and qualified as a Nail Technician. 
One thing I have learned over the past year is I’m stronger than I ever thought I was or could be and I’m extremely lucky to have such a supportive mother and boyfriend in my life. What shocks me is how many people have such a negative attitude towards people with mental health problems, I have been called crazy and been told I shouldn’t have anxiety as I’ve an amazing boyfriend and nothing to worry about, so in my opinion people need to be educated about mental health and why people suffer with it! 
I really hope my post helps any of you out there dealing with mental health problems and feeling alone. Know what there are many caring people around you that will help just give them a chance too. 
Talk to you all soon X